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Create formative assessment tools for ICT integration

This assignment is to be completed once you have completed Activity 5.

What to do:

In this assignment you will focus on fine-tuning formative assessment tools that you can use in the classes where you integrate ICT. You will be required to create and submit 5 assessment tools.

1. Design 5 formative assessment tools that you or your colleagues (teachers) could use in the learning environment. (50)

Use these 5 templates (either use a word processor or a spreadsheet) for the assignment:

  • Assessment tool 1 Word
  • Assessment tool 2 Word
  • Assessment tool 3 Word
  • Assessment tool 4 Word
  • Assessment tool 5 Word

2. Be sure to focus on assessing the processes and products of ICT integration but also include the assessment of learning objectives. Each assessment tool must include at least one aspect of ICT integration and at least one learning objective. (10)


Assessment Criteria for Assignment 2


You have created 5 formative assessment tools. The criteria in the assessment tool are clearly formative in that they provide the learner with clear expectations of what is required to succeed.


Maximum of 30

Your assessment tools fulfill the basic requirements of assessment tools. Each tool includes assessment of both learning objectives and aspects of ICT integration (not ICT skills as such).


Maximum of 20

Each tool reflects some aspect of ICT integration, amongst other criteria


Maximum of 10



What to submit for assignment 2:

Save the templates and replace Country with your country name and YourName with your name.

e.g. If you are in Grenada and your name is Joan Armstrong:
Grenada_Module4_Joan_Armstrong_Assignment2-2 etc

Then compress all 5 documents in a Zip file and name it in a similar way i.e.


Submit the saved Zip file as a file attachment in email to with the subject heading "Assignment2".


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Assessing ICT Integration

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