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Learning Pathway

Learning Pathway: Assessing ICT Integration

The purpose of this module is to consider a range of assessment tools and techniques that link the processes and outcomes with learning in the curriculum using ICT as a supportive tool to enhance learning.
This first activity requires you to be reflective and analytical about your current assessment practice.
Activity 1 (7 hours)
Reflecting on your assessment practice
You will systematically examin all the aspects of assessment in depth, starting with an assessment overview and a greater awareness of both products and processes in learning.

Activity 2 (6 hours)
What we assess - product and process

You then need to look at the need to cater for diversity when assessing.

Activity 3 (5.5 hours)
What we assess - catering for diversity

Activity 4 introduces you to a variety of assessment methods.

Activity 4 (8.5 hours)
How we assess - assessment methods

You then consider and design a range of assessment tools.

Activity 5 (4 hours)
How we assess evidence - assessment tools

In Activity 6 you apply your knowledge of assessment more specifically to information literacy.

Activity 6 (7 hours)
Assessing information literacy

Feedback is one of the most important aspects of the assessment process. In this activity you will practice a basic feedback routine.

Activity 7 (2.5 hours)
Giving feedback

In the last activity you put eveyrthing that you have learnt together in your final assignment.

Activity 8 (30 minutes)
Planning an assessment strategy

Assessing ICT Integration
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