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 Bothered by curfew? Can't find a place to skateboard?

Frustrated with censorship?

Who's controlling your life?

Know your rights! Get involved! Decisions are made by adults every day that affect your life and your future. Today you have been given the opportunity to take an active role in changing your world. Rock the vote!

The National Youth Commission has been established to solicit the viewpoints of today's young people. The commission in conjunction with MTV has formed a partnership to produce a series of television ads directed to young people. The theme of the broadcasts will be "Meeting Today's Needs With Yesterday's Words." The purpose is to let young adults know that America's Bill of Rights affects their lives everyday. You have been selected by the commission to participate in the creation of MTV's first ads in the series.

Please read your mail.

The Task

You have been selected by the National Youth Commission-MTV Alliance to be a member of their television ad production crew. You and your team will:


The Process

Study the Bill of Rights:

Produce a Television Ad:





Rubric for Television Ad











no logical sequence--rambles

difficult to follow 

no facts to support position

no anticipation of counter concerns and arguments

sequence confusing

mostly difficult to follow

very few facts to support position

attempts to counter concerns and arguments


sequence clear

states topic

specific facts and/or examples given to support position

clearly trying to counter concerns and arguments

sequence flows smoothly and is clearly focused

topic clearly defined

detailed evidence examples, and well reasoned arguments to support position

clearly counters concerns and arguments



does not collect any information that relates to the topic

does not perform assigned tasks

always relies on others to do the work

usually argues with teammates

usually wants to have things their way

collects very little information--some relates to the topic

performs very little duties

rarely does the assigned work--often needs reminding

sometimes argues

often sides with friends instead of considering all viewpoints

collects some basic information--most relates to the topic

performs nearly all duties

usually does the assigned work--rarely needs reminding

rarely argues

usually considers all viewpoints


collects a great deal of the information--all relates to the topic

performs all duties of assigned team role

always does assigned work without having to be reminded

never argues with teammates

always helps the team to reach a fair decision





The Bill of Rights is over two hundred years old. This "old" document is a powerful piece of paper. What those men wrote so many years ago impacts our daily lives. How people live right now is linked to that document. Those rights are your rights. The stand you take today will affect the rest of your life and the lives of your children. Think about the message you have created. Politicians are hired by voters. Let them know who you are and what you want. Your continued involvement can affect the interpretation of the Bill of Rights and your future. Keep watch over your government representatives and voice your opinions. Stay involved! Rock the vote!


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