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Elementary and middle students can now enjoy locating information on Ancient Egypt! Learn about Ancient Egyptian daily life, Egyptian mummies, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, King Tut (Tutankhamen), Egyptian games, and Archeology.


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The Quest

Homebase: "Alpha Te...(Crack, hiss, sizzle...) 

Homebase: "Alpha Team leader, can you read me? You have successfully traveled back in time to the year 1250 BC, Ancient Egypt." 

Homebase: "Your mission is of the utmost importance! You must locate the burial mask of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamen (King Tut.) On the inside of the mask is written a message.  If you successfully decode this message you could solve our earth's environmental crisis. Your quest is to decode the Ancient Egyptian message and return to our time. To be successful, you must utilize all your available resources (books, experts, and your computer.) Your quest will be completed when each mission is finished successfully (see missions below.)



During your quest, you will complete a travel log of your experiences. Your travel log should include the following items

  • Supply list of items needed for your trip to Ancient Egypt.

  • Pick 3 of your most popular sites of Ancient Egypt,  Write a paragraph describing each site.

  • Choose your favorite 3 books about Ancient Egypt. Discuss these with a friend.

  • Complete a paragraph and illustration describing the objects you made for an Ancient Egyptian Market Day.

  • Reflection on the game of Mancala.

  • Illustrations of the Ancient Egyptian mummification process and your two projects from that mission.

  • Your Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh project

  • A Ancient Egyptian cartouche with your name written in Egyptian hieroglyphics

  • Your "Ancient Egypt Webquest" completion certificate.



Mission 1

Our sources have learned that the Ancient Egyptians will soon hold a Festival to honor one of their gods, Osiris. You must plan and host a party during this celebration. Your mission will be to gather the clues we will need to find the tomb of King Tut. In order to be successful, you will need to work in teams to learn all that you can about the daily life of the Ancient Egyptians. Since King Tut was a boy king (10 years old,) we suggest that you focus your investigation on Egyptian children.


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 Mission 2

     We are really making some progress in our search for King Tut's tomb. In the meantime, you must learn more about mummies. When King Tut died, his body was made into a mummy. You must develop the expertise to be able to search any mummy that you come across to look for clues and to determine if it is King Tut.

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Mission 3


Many of the clues that you have gathered so far have led us to find out about several Ancient Egyptian tombs. Could one of these tombs be the secret burial place of King Tut? It will be your mission to visit these Ancient Egyptian tombs and determine which one is the burial place of King Tut!!! Good Luck! 

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Mission 4

       We are on the verge of sending your team in to locate King Tut's Burial Mask and retrieve the message that will save us all. We believe that the message on the inside of the mask will be written in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. It is therefore vital to our success that you learn about Hieroglyphs so that you will be able to decode the important message.

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Mission 5

        If you have made it this far you are doing very well indeed. We are very close to locking in on the location of King Tut's Tomb. Now, it is crucial that you learn all that you can about the youngest Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tut. This may give us more insights into his hiding place of the mask so we can secure the burial mask's location. 

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Mission 6


Decode the Message and Return to Homebase.  Hurry, our time is running out! You are our last chance...


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Mission 1  |  Mission 2  |  Mission 3  |  Mission 4  |  Mission 5  |  Mission 6   


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February 11, 2002 

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