"Extra, Extra, Read all about it!!"
A WebQuest on "The Great Gatsby"
Created By: Kristen Currise & Adapted By:  April Moore


"Extra, Extra, Read all about it."  The Great Gatsby has just been published and it is an instant bestseller.  The publication that you work for has picked the five of you to create a special edition on the Great Gatsby.  You have a midnight deadline so that it can be out on the streets, ASAP.  It is your group's job to write the articles and design the layout for the publication.  Within your group you will designate four people as reporters and one as the layout designer.  Include anything you want in the publication, you have complete creative control.

Follow these step-by-step directions to successfully complete your project

|Introduction|Task|Process|Guidance|Information Sources|Evaluation|Conclusion|Note to Teachers(online|

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