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The Conclusion

Each group will give a short presentation, an unveiling of sorts, for their special edition of their magazine, informing the class of what they have learned.  After we have seen all the magazines we will discuss the information that the groups found while researching the 1920s.  Each group must contribute to the discussion by coming up with important aspects that they had not previously known.  We will also discuss the themes and symbols that the "professors" found in the novel.  This discussion will add closure to our unit on the novel.

Some important questions to think about:
Who were the people you found the most influential?
What did the monopolies do to the economy?
What are the specific examples from the book that you found to support the themes and the symbolism in the book?

The 1920s was an interesting decade because the United States was flourishing.  The monopolies were making the rich very rich, but the poor even poorer.  By the end of the 1920s the Great Depression started and the United States' Gilded Age had come to a startling end.
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