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Each group will be evaluated on their creativity and organization

Each group member will evaluate the members of their group on the amount that they contributed to the final project.

Evaluation sheet for members of your group: (click here)

Name of Group member:
0 - 10
Amount of work contributed to project (write the number out of 10):  
Quality of work completed (write the number out of 10):  
Add above points to find the grade you believe member deserves (out of 20 possible points):



Evaluation Sheet for your grade: (click here)

Your Name:
0 to 10
Amount of work you contributed to the group: /10
Quality of Work you completed: /10
Average of above scores & comments


My grading Rubric:  (click here)

Group Members:
Creativity   (15 points) /15
Neatness/Organized/Appearance   (25 points) /25
Worked productively in class  (15 points) /15
Used available resources (15 points) /15
Total points for group project /70
Individual Role:
Participation in final discussion   (25 points) /25
Rough Draft (25 points) /25
Content (50 points) /50
Extra Comments:

Your grade will be worth a total of 200 points.
You will receive up to 170 points from your final project.
You will receive up to 30 points on your self and group evaluation.
If you have any questions or concerns on the grading please ask me to clarify.

Good Luck!!
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