Our "Sun"-Sational Star


An Internet WebQuest on the Sun

3rd-5th grade (Reading & Science)

Rochelle Barney

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Did you know that our sun is a star? Our sun is a powerful star that makes life possible on our planet by providing light and heat. Why do we need the sun? What causes the sun to shine and give off heat? Can the sun be dangerous? Can the Sun ever disappear?

hot fire 

Warning: You have just entered the solar zone! Put on your sunglasses and sunblock and come take a journey into the solar system so we can explore our own amazing star!

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The Task

Attention Solar Stars: Are you ready for blast-off into the center of our solar system? You will start feeling hot, hot, hot! Hold on!

heat wave banner

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The Process and Resources 

light  Part 1 - Mysteries for Solar Star Scientists  

To solve the many mysteries of our sun, this is what you will need to do.

  1. First you'll be assigned to a group of 4 students.
  2. Each of you will need to pick a role of a sun scientist. In order to find out the responsibilities of each scientist, click on a particular scientist to reveal questions and links.
  3. Once each of you have picked a scientific area to study, start gathering your information and most of all, have fun!
  4. Use the questions to guide you and draw pictures or save graphics to help make your final project look fantastic.

Sun Scientists

1.    sun face "Sun"-Sational Looks

2.    sunflower Sun Giver

3.    sun flares Heater & Shiner

4.    sunglassesDanger Alert

5.    smiley face Eager Eclipser (For someone who wants extra fun)

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sun burst Part 2 - Putting it Together: Requirements and Tips

After you have found the answers to your questions and have been filled with "sunny" delight, design your final project. Here are some tips and requirements for your final project.

explode           Requirements for Hyperstudio Stack            

Each scientist will need to make a layout for at least 2 cards within your group's stack. Each card should have text, at least one graphic, buttons, and sound. Each card should give a summary of interesting facts and list any discoveries you have made.

    camera guy              Requirements for Newscast            camera guy 

Each scientist will need to type out a 1-2 page script on a word processor and create at least 2 graphics within a paint or draw program to accompany their script and act as visual aids.

hotlist  Tips:


    Go to Process & Resources           Go to Sun Scientists          Go to Requirements and Tips

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Most of the web resources have been given on each scientist page.  A few additional links are listed below.

open bookClassroom resources include the following:

Additional Web Links

Kids 'n Space

The Sun:  Power Plant of the Solar System

The Sun

The Sun: NCTM & NSES

National Geographic's Solar System

The Sun:  Pictures & Facts

The Planets & Stars:  Images through a Telescope

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Your performance will be evaluated in 2 ways. It will be evaluated for the work you do individually collecting and organizing information. You will also be evaluated for the final project your group puts together. Please click on the rubric to see how you will be evaluated.

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Now that you have journeyed to the sun, you should be loaded with sizzling hot facts about the sun. Did you know that we had such an amazing star over our heads every day? Now, when you look up in the sky and see the bright rays overhead, you should know why you are feeling heat, what is going inside the sun, why we need the sun, and how to protect yourself from the sun.  Isn't our sun simply "sun"-sational?

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Fun Sun Crafts & Activities




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July 12, 1999

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