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· General Info
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·  The Terrain
·  Trekking Methods
·  Preparations
·  Physical Conditioning

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·  High Altitude Sickness
  Food and Water
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·  Trekking Permits

The Himalayas - where earth meets sky

Food and Water
While trekking, a common mistake that trekkers make is to drink water from open sources like streams and rivers. This should be avoided since the water may be contaminated and cause stomach disorders. Boiled water or tea should be consumed mostly to avoid dehydration. Water from regular supply schemes or taps may be used. In rare cases water from a spring source may be taken. Water sterilization tablets are useful during the treks to avoid stomach problems. Drinking water can also be treated with iodine tablets to further protect oneself.
Aharbal, Kashmir. Credit: KOA
Aharbal, Kashmir
Credit: KOA

Similarly, food should be taken hot and fresh as far as possible. Cold and open food should be avoided as they can easily get contaminated due to flies and create stomach disorders.

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