Newjeswang, Gambia
Farafeni, Gambia

The collection of photographs in “The Gambia Story” depict the lives of several members of the Jobarta family (their last name, not an ethnic group) and their relatives. These photographs were taken in Newjeswang and Farafeni, Gambia by Chris Covert, a longtime friend of their family .

© 1998 Chris Covert; all rights reserved.
In Newjeswang, Gambia live the Jobarta family and their relatives. They are part of a West African ethnic group known as the Manding. Chris Covert and her husband have become close friends with the Jobarta family. At one time Chris and her husband lived with them while waiting for their own apartment to be built. It is here in Newjeswang that Chris has set up the Jobo Kunda cultural exchange program.

This program was created to bring people of North America and West Africa together for the purpose of sharing and preserving traditional cultures. Our music and dance instructors are from the jalis or griot society, the historic keepers of the culture. Through her friendship with the Jobartas, Chris has had the opportunity of learning about their culture and working with them to enable others to come and live with the contemporary Manding. Some people come for 4 weeks, others stay for several months. It has proved to be an enriching experience for all involved.

© 1998 Chris Covert; all rights reserved.