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Chris Covert, whose photographs of people from Gambia, West Africa are featured here, is an artist who lives in Hancock, Maine. She makes annual trips to West Africa and operates Jobo Kunda, an organization which provides housing and study opportunities for people interested in sharing the experience of music, dance, and the local culture of the Gambia. Now in her late 40's, her interest in Africa dates to her early teens, and she has studied African arts, culture, music and dance for the last 9 years. Her African-influenced oil and watercolor paintings focus primarily on women and children, and the rhythms of life in West Africa filtered through her own sensibilities.

Chris Covert's activities also include her work as lead singer and business manager in Akwapem: 9th Village. An educational and performance troupe under the musical direction of Kwabena Owusu of Ghana, Akwapem speaks in the voices of African music and culture. Akwapem offers lecture-demonstrations, workshops, performances and African Festival Program to schools, festivals and other events throughout New England.

Chris Covert may be contacted about any of the activities above by writing to her at P. O. Box 236, Hancock, Maine 04640, or by phone/fax at 207-422-9529.

"Jobo Kunda - an international cultural program. Our goal is to bring people of North America and West Africa together or the purpose of sharing and preserving traditional cultures. Our music and dance instructors are from the jalis or griot society, the historic keepers of the culture."

- Chris Covert