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quiz - do you know?

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Elementary level:
quiz on the people of Africa

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  • 1. What is an ethnic group?
    You, your parents and siblings.
    People with the same history, culture, and language.
    A group that studies ethics.

  • 2. How many people live in Africa?
    more than 600,000.
    more than 6,000,000.
    more than 60,000,000.
    more than 600,000,000.

  • 3. Africa is the ____________ continent.
    most densely populated
    none of the above

  • 4. Do many homes in Newjeswang, Gambia have access to the internet?

  • 5. The Nile River flows through the Nile Valley,
    it is very poor soil and there are too many farmers in this area.
    it has very fertile soil and farms line the bank.
    flows from North to South

  • 6. William Coupon
    is a world famous photographer.
    took the pictures in the Berber Gallery.
    took these pictures in Morocco.
    all of the above

  • 7. The following are names of ethnic groups in Africa:
    Bantu, Swahili, Dinka
    San, Fulani, Xhosa
    Mandinke, Khoikhoi, Masaai.
    All of the above.

  • 8. The Berbers live in Mozambique?

  • 9. Are there modern cities in Africa?

  • 10. What is a griot?
    a type of fruit in Gambia
    a vegetable in Gambia
    an oral historian in Gambia
    all of the above.

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