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quiz - do you know?

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Elementary level:
quiz on the land of Africa

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  • 1. Is Africa a country or a continent?

  • 2. How many people live in Africa?
    more than 600,000.
    more than 6,000,000.
    more than 60,000,000.
    more than 600,000,000.

  • 3. Africa is the ____________ continent.
    second smallest
    second largest

  • 4. What is the world's largest desert called?
    None of the above.

  • 5. The Nile River flows
    East to West
    South to North
    West to East
    North to South

  • 6. Kilimanjaro is
    the tallest mountain in the world.
    the world's largest desert.
    the tallest mountain in Africa.
    a freshwater lake in Africa.

  • 7. The following are all names of lakes in Africa:
    Chad, Victoria, Manyara.
    Meru, Chad, Kilimanjaro.
    Victoria, Serengeti, Nile.
    None of the above.

  • 8. The Ituri forest is home to which ethnic group?
    The Mandinke.
    The Pygmy
    The Khoikhoi
    The Zulu

  • 9. Can a medium size boat navigate the entire Nile River?

  • 10. The Sahara Desert is:
    hot and very dry.
    in Northern Africa.
    has endless sand dunes.
    all of the above.

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