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quiz - do you know?

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Elementary level:
wildlife quiz

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  • 1.The warthog has tusks made of
    white whiskers that are shaped like tusks.
    it has no tusks.

  • 2. What is the greatest danger to the African black rhino?
    The crocodile.
    A stampeding herd of elephants.
    none of the above.

  • 3. There are tigers in Africa.

  • 4. The wildebeest and zebras migrate because
    they don't like the rainy season.
    it has become too crowded and they need more space.
    they are looking for water and more food supply.

  • 5. Elephants live together as a
    herd of females with offspring; mature males do not live with the group.
    they don't, they live by themselves.
    herd of males with offspring; mature females do not live with the group.
    family - mother, father, and offspring.

  • 6. The mountain gorilla is
    an endangered species.
    lives in the forests of Zaire and Rwanda.
    an herbivore that eats plant life.
    all of the above

  • 7. The following are all herbivores
    elephants, rhinos, hippos, and lions.
    hyenas, lions, African wild dog,. and rhinos.
    elephants, rhinos, hippos, and giraffes.
    elephants, colobus monkey, and cheetahs.

  • 8. Madagascar is known for
    the hyrax
    the ring-tailed lemurs
    the grevy's zebra
    none of the above.

  • 9. Can the African wild dog get rabies?

  • 10. A group of female lions that live together is called a:
    pride of lions.
    herd of lions.
    family of lions.
    harem of lions.

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