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Physical and Climatic Features

Most of the vegetation still consists of enormous trees which have been growing for hundreds of years in the Ituri Forest. The hardwood legume is the most dominant species still to be found in the forest and reaches at least 150 feet above the forest floor. There are three sub-species classified under the hardwired legume. Gilbertiodendron deweverei is found in the southern part of the forest and comprise 90% of the vegetation in that region. The Cynometra alexandrii and Brachystegia laurentii are the other two sub-species which constitute approximately 40% of the canopy. The tallest species of trees found in the Ituri are the Albizia, Celtis, and Ficus. However, the majority of these trees do not help any of the wildlife in the region since most of the trees are at least 100ft tall.

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