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Physical and Climatic Features

The Ituri Forest is bordered by the forest-savanna which means that various species of wildlife wander into the forest to feed on the vegetation. One can frequently find numerous species of forest antelope such as the duiker, the water chevrotain, and the pygmy antelope, along with leopards, genets, mongooses, elephant, buffalo, and bongo. There are many different types of monkeys in the forest, including the terrestrial anubis baboon, leaf-eating imperial black and white colobus and the owl-faced monkey. The chimpanzee can also be found in the Ituri and is the only ape that has been seen in the forest. Hundreds of different species of birds can be seen, such as the Congo peacock.

The Maiko National Park, located on the southern edge of the forest, is about the only attempt to protect the forest elephant, the okapi, the Congo peacock, the aardvark, and the chimpanzee. However, forest destruction and poaching have caused these animals to become endangered.

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