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Animal Life

Some of the mammal species found within the Sahara are the gerbil, jerboa, Cape hare, the desert hedgehog, dorcas gazelle, dama deer, Nubian wild ass, anubis baboon, spotted hyena, common jackal, sand fox, Libyan striped weasel, and the slender mongoose. The Sahara also contains over 300 species of migratory bird populations along with water and shore birds and various other types of birds. Some of the most common birds are ostriches, raptors, secretary birds, guinea fowl, Nubian bustards, desert eagle and barn owls, sand larks, pale crag martins, and brown-necked and fan-tailed ravens.

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Numerous types of reptiles - including frogs, toads, and crocodiles - can be found within the Sahara's lakes and pools of water, while lizards, chameleons, skinks, and cobras are to be found among the dunes and rocks. Among the reptiles in the Sahara's rivers and pools can be found snails, brine and algae shrimp, plus other types of crustaceans.

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