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a day in the life of a student
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a typical day in the fields
A day in the fields

Our weekends are usually busy with work in the fields, washing clothes, visiting people, leisure activities, and also reviewing our lessons. Field work is divided according to gender and to age. The girls plough the fields with hoes. The boys work with "machettes" in clearing the land, weeding, and looking for firewood for cooking.

Example of a day in the fields

Wake up and walk the 7 km to get to the field

Arrive at the field, rest, have breakfast, begin work

Work stops and we return home. Each one of us carries a load either on the head, on the shoulders, or on the back. The father carries game if the traps were full, the mother and the girls carry the agricultural products, and the boys carry the wood used for cooking and heating water in the household during the rainy season.

Arrival at home and wash up.

Preparation of dinner by the mother and daughters, while the boys rest or wander around.

Dinner and wash dishes

To bed and sleep after a hard day's work.

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