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Bujumbura, Burundi

Bujumbura is the capital of Burundi. It is situated at the northeastern tip of Lake Tanganyika. Burundi is a small, mountainous country which was originally inhabited by Twa Pygmies, who now form a minority. During colonial times the country came under the control of Belgium. Ultimately, the country gained independence in 1962.

Bujumbura is the largest urban center of the country. The city has industries like textiles, leather, paper, chemicals and agricultural products. The two most important centers of culture are the University of Burundi and Center of Burundi Civilization. The official languages are Kirundi and French. Swahili is also spoken.

The city supports a population of over 270,000. The majority of the population are Hutus, while Tutsis, originally from Ethiopia and Uganda, and the original inhabitants Twa Pygmies form minorities.

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