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Lusaka, Zambia

The city of Lusaka is the capital of Zambia. Around 1890, the British South Africa Company appropriated this area. The British Colonial Office controlled this area from 1924. In 1935, Lusaka was named the capital of Northern Rhodesia. The Federation of African Societies set the Northern Rhodesian Congress up here in 1948. Lusaka was at the center of the civil disobedience movement, which ultimately created the independent state of Zambia. Lusaka became the capital of this state.

Today, Lusaka has a mixed economy, which incorporates agriculture as well as textiles, manufacturing, and so on. Farming is an important economic activity, as is the raising of livestock. The city has the University of Zambia an international airport at it's outskirts. Major ethnic groups include the Nyanja and Soli. Europeans and Asians are the minorities. The population of the city is around 1 million.

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