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The Fulani people live throughout a widespread area. They live in the grasslands of West Africa starting in Senegal and Guinea and spreading to Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad. Some concentrations of the Fulani people are quite large and they number approximately 7 million.

The language of the Fulani is similar to that in Senegal, and it is believed that they were probably ancestors of theirs centuries ago. Another result of migration is the spreading of languages and the adopting of others cultural ways.

The Fulani are considered to be cattle herders, however, in more recent times many have chosen to settle into an area. A number of Fulani have chosen to become politically active and have claimed that their actions are based on their Muslim religious ideals.

They conquered the Hausa in 1810 after they had established a number of successful kingdoms between Senegal and Cameroon. They were also successful in keeping northern Nigeria from British rule for 6 years. They were ultimately defeated by the British in 1906.

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