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The Hausa live in northwestern Nigeria and southwestern Niger. They are racially diverse but are quite compatible. They have formed a very large ethnic group estimated at between 10 and 15 million people. Throughout their history they were conquered by other ethnic groups including the Fulani, Bornu, Songhai, and Mali. In a war against the Fulani in the 1900's, the British supported the Fulani and the Hausa became a subordinate of the Hausa. This is still true today in the political arena in northern Nigeria.

The Hausa are subsistent farmers, and it is their main occupation. However, they have also chosen to develop their skills at weaving, dyeing, tanning of leather, and metalworking. The Hausa are also known as traders with some becoming quite wealthy and achieving a social status similar to a powerful Hausa politician.

The Afro-Asiatic language of the Hausa is a subgroup of the Chad family. It is considered to one of the largest and most widely known languages. They have also been influenced by the Arabic culture. With such a large base it has allowed large numbers of Hausa to move into the cities and form large communities throughout West Africa, North Africa, and along the trade routes of the Sahara.

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