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Colobus or Guereza
Black and White Colobus or Guereza: Colobus guereza


Weight and Height
males: wt 20-32 lb (9-14.5 kg), hbl 21-28 in (53.5-69 cm)
females: wt 14-22 lb (6.5-10 kg), hbl 19-26 in (48.5-64 cm)

26-35 in (67-88 cm)

Glossy black with white brow and beard; gray-skinned face.

General Location
The colobus is abundant throughout equatorial Africa, especially from northern Tanzania to the Abyssinian Highlands, in forest regions up to 9800 ft (3000 m).

The black and white colobus can be seen in the following regions: Aberdare Forest in Kenya; Lake Naivasha; forests of Mt. Kenya, Meru, and Kilimanjaro.

The colobus prefers montane forests in Kenya and Tanzania over all other habitats. These regions contain almost 1300 colobus/sq. mi (500/sq. km). A guereza will eat 25 to 33% of its body weight each day (roughly 4.4-6.6 lb [2-3 kg]). The colobus will feed on a wide variety of leaves in the forest and rainforest regions.

Different climates and regions will dictate slightly different schedules, however most colobus are diurnal. Many troops will rise hours after dawn while in search of sunny places to rest, feed, and socialize. The most intensive feeding time is from early morning to midday which is when the troop will rest, groom, and digest after a full day of feeding. Then in the early evening, the troop will continue its search for food and will settle down for the night shortly before nightfall.

Social Systems
A typical troop contains approximately 6 to 10 members; including 1 adult male, 3 adult females, 1 juvenile, and 1 infant. In a given troop, the maximum number of females is 5 and the largest troop observed contained 19 members. Most colobus territories are very small, ranging in size from 12 to 62 acres (5-25 ha). Out of these troops, there is only 1 territorial male which is allowed to mate and defend his territory and all of the other males are subordinates.

There is generally a birth peak during the rainy season, but mating is not seasonal so there are births year-round. The gestation period is 6 months and colobus breed at 20-month intervals. Females mature by the age of 4 and males by the age of 6.

Crowned hawk eagle, and humans.

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