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Side-striped Jackal
Wild dog or Cape Hunting dog
Ratel or Honey Badger
Side-Striped Jackal: Canis adustus


Weight and Height
males: wt 16-26 lb (7.3-12 kg), ht 15 in (38 cm)
females: wt 16-22 lb (7.3-10 kg), ht 15 in (38 cm)

light gray to tan with white tip on dark tail; black side stripes; light underparts.

General Locations
This particular jackal inhabits deciduous woodlands of many Savanna regions throughout Africa. The side-striped jackal can be found in the following National Parks and Reserves: Queen Elizabeth NP, Uganda; Moremi GR, Botswana; and throughout most of the National Parks in Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

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The side-striped jackal prefers wooded habitats along with bush, grassland, and marshes all below 8900 ft (2700 m). The side-striped jackal will eat wild fruits, small mammals (such as mice, rats, and hares), and insects (such as crickets, beetles, termites, and grasshoppers).

Being a strictly nocturnal mammal, the side-striped jackal has activity peaks in the early evening and several hours before and after dawn.

Social Systems
Side-striped jackal have been known to gather in family units containing as many as 6 members. Gatherings of 8 to 12 are possible, but not seen very frequently.

Mating occurs every year just before or during the rainy season. There are typically 3 to 6 young in each litter and the gestation period is 57 to 70 days.

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