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First coach: Bao Qi (Edward) Feng

Bao Qi (Edward) FengAppointee of PH. D.
Dept. of MCS, Kent State University.
e-mail: bfeng@mcs.kent.edu

Many years ago, there were a doctor, a woman and her husband in an office of St. Paul's hospital of Hong Kong.

Doctor asked: "Why do you want to abort? For money? But look at you, it may not be difficult for you to bring up this child."

Woman: "No. I just bore a son two months ago, and now I have a baby again. Two children are too closed, so I want to take out this one."

The doctor suggested the woman to keep the child, but the woman persisted in her opinion. Finally the doctor said: "Okay, I will help you to abort. Please come back again this afternoon, because it is lunch time right now."

The woman and her husband were back to home. After the lunch the woman changed her mind. Nine months later, a strong and handsome boy was born at St. Paul's hospital of Hong Kong.

I was the boy!

If that was the first crisis of my life, I would totally have nine crises till now. Even so I still survive wholly. I want to thank my parent, who gave a life to me. I also want to thank the doctor, who I never saw and knew, but he persuaded my mother to keep my life. I want to thank God (if he exists), who saved me from water, fire and car accidents again and again. I deeply feel that I will still survive in the world, since I still haven't finished many good things. I hope people, who I meet, feel the world is bright and warm, because of my occasional existence in the world.


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