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About people supported us

Our project can not be done without those people who gave us their assistance and support out of their precious time, including the families of each member, our coaches, friends, help desk of ThinkQuest, and those people who we've never met. They supported us through several different ways, from equipment, corrections to suggestions and feedbacks. We want to thank them here for everything they did for us.

Mr. Schwartz
Kent Roosevelt High School
Dr. Laura Smithies
Kent State University
Dr. Richard Askey
University of Wisconsin Madison
Dr. Austin Melton
Kent State University
Dr. Roger Howe
Yale University
Dr. Paul Nevai
Ohio State University
Dr. Andrew Tonge
Kent State University
Dr. Jerry L. Bona
University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Dr. Kenneth C. Millett
University of California, Santa Barbara
Dr. Richard M. Aron
Kent State University
Dr. John Fridy
Kent State University
Dr. Ladnor Geissinger
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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