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How to post a message on the BBS

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Posted by LWR on September 12, 1998 at 13:19:17:

Below is an e-mail response to a visiter who has questions about how to post message on our BBS. It may help you post messages.

Dear Ivan,

Thank you for your support. From what you told me, I know you have some problems to post a message on our BBS.

To post a message you can go to: http://library.advanced.org/17119/bbs/index.shtml

Or you can go to our web site at: http://library.advanced.org/17119/
Then choose the BBS link.

After you go to the BBS page, click on the "Post a message", then you will go to the post message page. Please note that Name, Subject and Message fields are required for successfully posting, which means you must put in something there.

You can post the problem in the Message field, for example, if I want to post a problem, I will type in:

(name) LWR
(email) 17119@advanced.org(optional)
(subject) Anyone can help me solve this problem?

I have a problem that I can't solve, anyone can help?
sin 5x + 2sin 3x + sin x = 4sin 3x cos^2 x (the problem number 4 in our exercise section)
(sin 2x cos x - 2 cos 2x sin x) / (2sin x - sin 2x) = 2cos^2 (x / 2) (the problem number 7 in our exercise section)

The "^" sign means "power of", "cos^2" is same as "cosine square". (if you use some special sample, you should explain it to let other people understand it)

(end of message)

After you check everything is correct, click on the "Post message" button. Then you will see a page show what you posted. Then you can go back to the BBS page to see if your message shows up.

You also can find some help in our Help section at: http://hyperion.advanced.org/17119/help/index.shtml.

If you still have questions, feel free to let me know. The best way is to post it on our BBS (after you know how to do that), so other people who have the same question will be able to know how to do it. And you know we would like people post things on Internet.

Just remind you, don't forget to sign our guest book. And tell our web site to the people you know who is interested in math. Thank you.

Have fun!

Best regards,


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