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Example 7--Page 2

We are very happy that we get this far. Using our compare strategy, we know that the terms in the parenthesis should equal to 6_7201.gif (1670 bytes). In which there is no gamma.gif (919 bytes), using gamma_2.gif (947 bytes)6_7202.gif (1470 bytes) (which we can get from the condition) we can transform sin_ga_2.gif (1191 bytes) to 6_7203.gif (1387 bytes). Using the same way as we did above, we get:

6_7204.gif (2924 bytes)

Converting sum to product, we have:

6_7205.gif (8460 bytes)

The identity has been proven.

This is a really good problem, once you understand the process of solving this identity, and you know the strategies, you are in very good shape. Try to think why we take steps like that. You will be surprised at how far you have already come.


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