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Learning Sections

A brief explanation about our web site.  If this is your first time come here take a look at it.
This is where you start to touch our idea on how to prove trigonometric identities.  You will learn something you have never heard of before.
If you have already memorized all the formulas, you should still have a quick look at it.  If you haven't memorized the formulas, you should read it before you go any further.
This is the next step after you memorize all the formulas.  Once you understand the formulas, and you will be able to use these formulas effectively.
This is an addition to the Understanding section.  You will learn what you can do and what you can't do with the formulas.
This is the part you must see.  With eight examples explained step by step you will learn some good strategies.  After all you will find out some general steps of proving identities.

Using Sections

Ten problems are designed for you to find out if you understand our idea and strategies.  You will feel that it's very easy to solve them after you finish the Learing sections.
Final thoughts
Here are some words from us.  You will learn how our idea relates to other areas of mathematics and the real world.

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