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Basic trigonometric identities

These formulas are very important.  You shouldn't go any farther without knowing them. If you already know them, you can go ahead and continue to the next page.

Quotient Identities
Reciprocal Identities
Pythagorean Identities
Even-Odd Identities
Derived formulas



Quotient Identities

3_001.gif (2675 bytes)

Reciprocal Identities

3_002.gif (3049 bytes)

Pythagorean Identities

3_003.gif (3209 bytes)

Even-Odd Identities

3_004.gif (5079 bytes)

Derived formulas

4_402.gif (2321 bytes), if k is an odd integer,

4_403.gif (2193 bytes), if k is an even integer.


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