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1926 to 1950

In 1925, Machado became President.  His executions and torture of the opposition created resistance against him.  In 1928, he gave himself another term, but wasn't fairly elected.

He became very wealthy, as did the US companies who urged the US Government not to become involved.

The Great Depression hurt most Cubans.  Sugar prices were low, and the US raised its tax on imports.  All of this caused opposition to the government.

In 1933, workers from all industries went on strike.  Machado fled the country, to be replaced by a new government.

That government was quickly replaced through the Sergeant's revolt.  This caused Batista to rise to power, with Ramón Grau acting as official President.  The US found him too left-wing, and he was replaced by Batista, who was the most powerful man in Cuba.

In 1934, the US gave up the Platt Amendment.  Puppet presidents controlled by Batista were installed during these years.  In 1940, Batista won a fair election.

In 1944, Ramón Grau beat Batista's puppet, causing Batista to leave the country.  Grau's Government was highly corrupt, and men such as Eddy Chibás spoke out against it.  During Grau's term, 64 political assassinations, many by the powerful gangs controlling Cuba, took place.

In 1948, Carlos Prío was elected President.  His government also betrayed those who had supported it by robbing the country.

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