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July, 1998

A discovery made by Canadian archeologist David Pendergast and Cuban archeologists has provided valuable information about the people native to Cuba.

When Columbus first came to the Americas, the Taino were the first people he met.  Very quickly, European disease and mistreatment of the Taino killed nearly the entire population.

So far, the discovery has been of a town near the coast.  They believe it was inhabited between 500 and 700 years ago.  A large building has been found and more investigation is taking place.

The site has become the largest archeological area in Cuba.   Two miles have been reserved for further excavation.  Other small houses may also be in the area and many artifacts are being found.

Dr. David Pendergast was quite optimistic about the discovery.  He told reporters, "After another season's work we'll have about as complete a body of data on these perishable constructions as you could imagine having anywhere else in the world."

Little was known about the Taino society prior to Dr. Pendergast's discovery.  Most of their buildings were overtaken by the sea in little time, and the population was destroyed very quickly.

Dr. Pendergast plans to return to the site in the winter or spring, at which point he will further his investigations of the building and try digging further down.

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