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Artemisa, founded in 1818, is named after the Greek god of fertility, Artemis.  Artemisa is the among the most interesting towns on the route between the cities of Havana and Pinar del Río. Artemisa is also the largest, with a population of roughly 160,000.

Artemisa is an attractive and vibrant town with the quintessential Cuban mix of well-preserved neoclassical-style, pastel-painted buildings featuring ornate columns in the Doric and Ionic styles.

The setting of Artemisa is certainly an urban one, but it also provides a rustic taste of Cuban country life, as it is a thoroughfare for farmers on horseback.

Historically, Artemisa has been a strong cultural center, and that tradition continues today. The city is home to one of the province's most active Casas de la Cultura, the state-sponsored facilities for plays, music, and other cultural activities.

Artemisa is home to a number of interesting museums, most of which are dedicated to the 24 Moncada attackers (out of 150 in all) that came from Artemisa.

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