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Below are some books that we have read and recommend as excellent resources on Cuba.

To Make a World Safe for Revolution, by Jorge I. Domínguez. 
This book tells of Cuba's role as head of the Revolutionary states, its support for revolutionary movements, and its relationship with the Soviet Union.

Che, by Jon Lee Anderson.
The excellent book is one of the most detailed of several recent biographies of Che Guevara.

Cuba's Transition to Democracy, by the Cuban-American National Foundation.
Produced by the CANF, this book contains many anti-Castro essays and offers a good description of anti-Castro opinions.

Can Cuba Survive?, by Beatriz Pagés.
This book is really an interview with Fidel Castro.  Many important questions about Cuba's future are posed, and there are quite a few fascinating responses.

Cuba Handbook, by Christopher P. Baker.
This travel guide is essential for anyone going to or considering going to Cuba.  In addition to detailed travel information, there is a great amount of general information on Cuba.

Episodes of the Cuban Revolutionary War by Ernesto Guevara.
This book by Che Guevara tells of the revolutionaries' struggle and triumph.  It also has many letters Che wrote to various people.

Cuba: The Pursuit of Freedom, by Hugh Thomas.
This book is almost an encyclopedia on Cuba.  It is packed with greatly detailed reports on almost all major events that have occurred in the past couple centuries in Cuba.

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