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Botanical Garden

One of several botanical gardens in Cuba, this one contains plants from all over the world.  There are sections for each continent which house mainly trees, but some bushes as well.  A seperate section for plants and trees found in Cuba exists as well.  A bus tour guides you through this six square kilometer garden.  A Japanese garden is found near a vegetarian restaurant, which sun dries some food.  This garden has a waterfall and many flowers.

Model of the GardenFlowers  A Tree With Branches 

                Model of the Garden                           Flowers                 A Tree With Branches

Food Being Sun-Dried for a Vegetarian RestaurantFood Being Sun-Dried for a Vegetarian Restaurant 

Food Being Sun-Dried for a Vegetarian Restaurant

Painting in the Welcome HutPaintings in the Welcome Hut 

Paintings in the Welcome Hut

A Japanese Garden 

A Japanese Garden

The Japanese GardenThe Japanese Garden 

The Japanese Garden

Trees in Serpentino Soil TreesTrees and Bushes 

            Trees in Serpentino Soil                            Trees                      Trees and Bushes

Cuban Trees A Flower Hanging from Above Eating Hut 

                    Cuban Trees                   A Flower Hanging from Above      Eating Hut

Welcoming RoomLandscape of the GardenBig Belly Palm 

                  Welcoming Room                Landscape of the Garden          Big Belly Palm

Serpentino Soil Reddish-Brown Soil 

Serpentino Soil                  Reddish-Brown Soil

A Purple FlowerA Royal PalmMany Royal Palms 

                 A Purple Flower                  A Royal Palm               Many Royal Palms

Hut for EatingTree Seed Pods 

Hut for Eating                            Tree Seed Pods

Pine TreesTrees from CubaLandscape of the Garden 

            Pine Trees                  Trees from Cuba                   Landscape of the Garden

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