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December, 1996

Various Canadian groups are launching a grassroots effort to boycott products and services from Florida in order to pressure U.S. President Clinton to waive the enforcement of the Helms-Burton Act.

The groups sponsoring this effort include the Canadian, as well as the Federation of Students, various religious organizations, and others.

They consider the Helms-Burton Act wrong for several reasons.  First, they say that the policy followed by the Canadian government of trading freely with Cuba is more likely to bring Cuba democracy than isolating Cuba.

The group also objects to the Bill because it stretches beyond the borders of the United States.  They point out that the US is trying to make impose its own restrictions on foreign businesses, a policy highly resented throughout the world.

The bill allows US companies to sue foreign companies that trade with Cuba.  They justify this on the basis that these companies are dealing with property nationalized by Fidel Castro which once belonged to American companies.

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