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February, 1998

The CIA has issued a 150-page report casting much of the blame for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion upon itself.

In the early 1960s, Cuba became closely aligned with the Soviet Union after the US broke off relations with Cuba.  The US didn't want a Socialist nation in the hemisphere, and came up with various plots to overthrow Cuba's government.

The CIA rounded up about 1500 anti-Castro Cuban exiles to invade Cuba.  Receiving permission from President Kennedy, the invasion went through, but failed completely.  Almost all of the exiles were killed or captured.

The report admits that the failure was the agency's fault.  It admits that the exiles were mistreated by the CIA, and treated as "puppets" by the agency.

It also states that the CIA was ignorant of the situation in Cuba.  The CIA expected popular support for the invaders, but the Castro government instead was supported by the people.  No Cubans were known to have aided the attacking exiles.

The report admits that the US-supported army of 1500 could not possibly have defeated the much larger Cuban armed forces.  It also exonerates Kennedy from criticism that he ruined the attack by not using the US air force more.

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