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The American CIA has conducted many activities in Cuba since the Revolution.  The most important was the Bay of Pigs attack, but many others have occurred.

The earliest anti-Cuba activities came in 1959.  Planes from the US bombed Cuban sugar mills and a train, killing an unknown number of people.

The first major event was the explosion of the ship Le Coubre.  It was delivering French arms ordered by Cuban Government when it exploded.  In addition to the property damage, more than 100 people were killed, and it is assumed the CIA was responsible.

Before that, the CIA had been told by President Eisenhower to begin training exiles to overthrow the Cuban Government.  In 1961, CIA agents and paid pilots bombed Cuba.

This bombing was designed to precede the Bay of Pigs invasion and destroy the Cuban Air Force.  The air raids were followed by an invasion by the CIA-trained exiles.  Cuban army members, police officers, and members of the militia repulsed the attack.

After that, the CIA was given permission to launch Operation Mongoose.  This was intended to distribute American propaganda, sabotage the Cuban economy, and most importantly, kill Fidel Castro.  Headed by Bobby Kennedy, this operation cost US$100 million per year.

When it proved unable to kill Castro, the CIA hired Mafia assassins to do it.  They failed as well.

A variety of activities were carried out to destroy what was left of the Cuban economy.  Sugarcane fields were burned down, the oil refinery in Santiago de Cuba was hit, and biological weapons were used to destroy crops.  In addition, factories and stores were bombed, as well a Cuban airplane, which led to 82 deaths.

The CIA also assisted and contributed to terrorist organizations, which participated in many similar activities.  They gave weaponry to counterrevolutionaries in Cuba.

Things did not stop after the fist few years.  Until the end of the 1960s, the CIA continued aiding terrorist attacks and bombings.  They also kept trying to kill Fidel Castro.

In 1976, a CIA operative and Cuban exile, Orlando Bosch, was arrested in Venezuela for bombing a Cuban airplane, killing 73 people.  He escaped from prison and was pardoned many years later by President Bush.

After that, the CIA continued to support many exile terrorist organizations.  They have killed many more people and further hurt the Cuban economy.

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