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August, 1997

The Cuban Government has issued statements accusing the United States of spraying larvae of crop-killing insects over Cuban fields.

The incident in question allegedly occurred at the Lenin State Horticultural Farm on October 21st.  An American plane flew above the farm, spewing out a whitish mist on the crops.

The food was infected with thrips palmi, a disease common in the Caribbean that ruined the potato plants which it infected in Cuba.  The disease survived Cuba's attempts to destroy it and spread to many other crops throughout Cuba, destroying a large amount of food.

The U.S. Government denies an involvement in the crop destruction.  It claims the American crop duster was given permission to fly over Cuba on its way to Columbia, where it was to be used to fight against drug manufacturing.

They also maintain that what the Cubans saw coming out of the plane was actually a smoke signal to other airplanes.

Cuba has asked the United Nations for an international investigation.

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