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Embargo or Blockade?
US economic policies towards Cuba are considered by most Americans to be an embargo.  Cubans consider this to be a euphemism, calling anti-Cuban laws "bloqueo", or blockade.  There is clearly a difference between an embargo and a blockade; which one more accurately describes US policy?

Freedom In Cuba
Today's Cuba is often criticized for the lack of freedoms enjoyed elsewhere.  While many of these accusations are groundless, and are made by people who have never been in Cuba, there is some truth in them.

Democracy in Cuba
In Cuba, democracy is much different than in other nations.  There is no conflict between issues in most elections; in fact, elections feature only one candidate with "yes" or "no" being voters' only possible choices.

Freedom of Speech
Full freedom of speech is not tolerated in Cuba.  It is a punishable crime to distribute "counter-revolutionary" propaganda; many people have been jailed for this.  However, there are also times when the Government permits criticism of itself and free speech.

Religious Worship in Cuba
Some critics claim that there is no religous freedom in Cuba.  In truth, though, all religions can practice in Cuba without any persecution.  There used to be significant barriers to religious expression in Cuba, but they are generally not enforced today.

The Effects Change Would Bring
It is hard to predict the effects of a new government in Cuba.  Cubans would likely lose most of their social progress made in the decades after Revolution.

The Effects of the Blockade
The blockade on Cuba has been a political disaster for the United States.  Other countries oppose it because it is extraterritorial and Cubans oppose it because it is causing great hardship in their nation.

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