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Tuesday, June 19
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Small CommunityWelcome to your second day. Today you will make several trips beyond the city.  First, you will visit a small community.  This area recently won an award from the United Nations for the progress it has been making.

Child Care CenterNext, you'll see a local child care center.  Children ranging from small babies to five or six years old all come here.   Singing, napping and playing games seem to be the main activities.

doctoffThe last place in this community that you will stop at is the office of a family doctor.  This is where people first come if they feel sick or need shots or a check-up.

Rosenburg MemorialToday is June 19, the anniversery of the execution of the Rosenburgs.  A small, short ceremony will be held at the Rosenburg monument to commemmorate the event.

Sara Gonzalez at a ConcertYou will finish the day with a musical performance.  Several performers, including one very famous in Cuba, will be there tonight.

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