People: Early Cuban Revolutionaries

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Carlos Manuel de Cespedes

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes

Céspedes was the rebel leader during what would become the Ten Years' War.  He held a constitutional convention but was killed shortly after.

Calixto García

García was a Cuban general in both early wars.  When the war ended, he helped work out a deal to disband the revolutionary army.

Maximo Gomez

Máximo Gómez

Gomez was a Spanish soldier who changed sides in the 10 Years' War.  He became one of the revolutionaries' best generals.

Antonio Maceo

Maceo was a brilliant Cuban general who lead fierce guerillas in both the 10 Years' War and the War of Independence.

Antonio Maceo
Jose Marti

José Martí

Martí was an important literary figure and founded the Cuban Revolutionary Party, which fought the War of Independce against Spain.