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Cubans enjoy many of the same forms of entertainment as found in other Latin American countries.  There are some large differences, however, between entertainment in big cities, like Havana, and the rural areas of the country.

In Havana, there are many movie theaters which cost only a peso or so (five cents US$).  There are also theaters (such as the Karl Marx theater) in the city.

One other favorite in Havana is Coppelia.  Before Coppelia, many ice cream stores competed for customers; some denied services certain ethnic groups and were prohibitively expensive, so the government consolidated them.  Coppelia is the world's largest, serving 30,000 people great ice cream every day at a low price all Cubans can afford.

Music and dance are very popular in Cuban cities.  Many popular forms of music and dance, such as the salsa, and cha-cha-cha, have their roots in Cuban culture.  Virtually any style of music can be found at clubs in some of Cuba's larger cities.

In rural areas, there are fewer options.  Fewer people have televisions or radios and there aren't movie theaters or many dancing clubs.

At a community center we visited, a small movie theater that all residents could use freely was available.  They were also working on establishing a computer center for locals to use freely.  Each week, they also held community dances and parties, with some especially for the young ones.

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