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Welcome to The Cuban Experience!  This site contains hundreds of pages and a wide variety of information in many forms.  Researchers should take note of several features to better guide their work and to ensure that they make use of all the resources available on this site.

Other Resources

Beginning Your Research

There are many excellent resources on Cuba beyond this site.  You should look at the For Further Information section and also try searching the web to find the information you need.  There is a complete listing of all the materials we used in doing our research as well.

To start your research, you can either search our site or pick a section.  If you are interested in a person, try the People section.  If you wanted to know about 18th century Cuba, you would try the History section.  Be sure to bookmark pages you find useful or copy information from the site.

Copyright Agreement

Finding Information

You have permission to use all of our photos throughout the site, including photos we took while in Cuba.  You may also quote from our site where appropriate, but we require you request permission if you want to heavily reproduce anything.  See our Copyright Agreement page for details.

All of the information in this site is categorized.  Beyond the twelve sections, there are often subsections.  You should probably look for information this way first.  Another option is searching our site.  If you cannot find information you need anywhere on the web, try asking in one of our forums.


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