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The Cuban Experience has many resources that are of special use to students.  You can use this site to do research for projects or to just learn more about Cuba.

If you are doing research on Cuba, find the section corresponding to your topic of research (try the Section Summaries page for help).  The SiteMap also gives you an idea of the entire site's structure.

Writing Reports

Opinion Papers

If you are writing a report, first look for the section that will have the information you want.  Be sure to bookmark useful pages or take notes on important information.  This site contains information on everything from people to historical events, your topic will probably be covered.  Our credits section includes a bibliography.

For opinion papers, there are several sections with background information on many topics.  There is also a Politics section, with reports on many important issues.  Articles in the Current Events section will give you a broader context for the stories than most other sources.  You should also look at other people's opinions in our forums.


Beyond This Site

To truly experience Cuba, you should try our simulations.  The Cuban Missile Crisis simulation ill allow you to make decisions from the point of view of Castro, Kennedy, or Khrushchev.  There is also a Virtual Tour of Cuba that will take you on a six day tour, giving you a more realistic picture of modern Cuba.

There are many books and other web sites about Cuba that you should consult in doing your research.  In addition to the credits pages, there is a Further Information section.  From there, you can search the web, or view outside sources by category or resource type.

Special Topics

Visiting Cuba

Do you have a special topic relating to Cuba that you wish to explore in more detail?  If you're having trouble finiding it, try searching our site.  It is possible that there isn't an article dedicated to your topic somewhere within the site, but is rather mentioned in passing.  Still can't find what your looking for?  Ask about it in one of our forums

Some people who are extremely interested in Cuba might want to visit the country.  Our Travel section helps you to find out what the US laws say, and what to expect when you get to Cuba.  Within the Travel section, there is additionally much tourist-oriented information about a wealth of other Cuban topics.  You can also read about other people's trips, or share stories of you own past experience  in Cuba.


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