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The Cuban Government has not allowed full freedom of speech in Cuba.  This is not to say it always forbids all forms of criticism.

People in Cuba do not often speak out against the government.  There are some who are not afraid to and do so.  A taxi driver told us, "I don't want the President, I don't want the Government, I don't want the Revolution!"

Clearly he was not afraid of saying this, and there is no chance anyone would find out about it.  If the government were to find out, it is doubtful anything would happen.  However, without ever witnessing such a response, it is impossible for us to know what events would take place.  Unfortunately, many people who claim that Cuba has no freedom of speech are also unclear on the facts.

Tourists would probably be well advised not to make negative comments towards the Government.  At the very least, many people would consider this highly impolite.

People distributing enemy political propaganda are often harassed or imprisoned.  Local Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) watch out for dissenting people in their area.

The Cuban Government keeps tabs on all of its workers.  Major acts of dissent may be noticed in these reports, but it is hard to be sure of this.

Occasionally, some anti-government speech is allowed.  The Cuban Government held a program to collect suggestions for improvement at the beginning of this coming century.

Also, movies critical of the government such as "Fresa y Chocolate" (Strawberries and Chocolate) are produced in Cuba.

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