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havanaprovminimapHavana province is dominated by the captial city of Havana which, with a population of 2.2 million people, is Cuba's largest city by far.  Besides the city of Havana, this province features mainly small towns and cities, most of which produce mainly agricultural goods and are not heavily industrialized.

The city of Havana, given its size and capital status, is the commerical, governmental and cultural hub of the entire province.  Havana is not the province's only important center of trade, however.  The city of Mariel is another important port along the province's northern coast.  Most of the other small towns along the northern coast are small; few are important industrial or commerical centers.

The eastern portion of the province features a varied landscape, with forests, plains, and rolling hills.  Excluding the city of Havana, several of the province's larger cities are in the eastern portion of the province, on the road between Havana and the city of Pinar del RíoArtemisa is one of these cities; although of minor industrial or commerical importance, Artemisa is an important cultural center in the area.

The central area of Havana province is an important agricultural area with its fertile soil and vast plains.

The sourthern coast of this province is one of the few remaining areas of poverty and isolation in Cuba today.  The few towns are small and underdeveloped, like Batabáno, and there is very little in the way of modern infrastructure.  The devastation brought on by recent hurricanes as well as the Special Period have made development difficult in this area.


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