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May, 1998

US Senator Jesse Helms and his supporters are working on a bill to give $25 million in humanitarian aid to Cuba.  Ironically, Helms has been the Cuban government's single biggest enemy and is responsible for the creation of the Helms-Burton Act.

Helms' new legislation was encouraged by the recent visit of Pope John Paul II.  It would provide Cuba with money, food, and medicine.

The money would be funneled through organizations with a presence in Cuba, but not the government. 

The Cuban Government provides every Cuban with free medical care and food, but it has been less able to provide these services because of the US blockade and the fall of the Soviet bloc.

The bill carries some very strong political measures, as well.

Part of the funding used would go towards efforts to undermine the Cuban Government.  Money would be given to anti-Castro groups to support their activities. 

Also, US propaganda would be broadcast from the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, to prevent Cubans from jamming U.S. TV and radio signals.

Lastly, it would force President Clinton to indict Cuban President Fidel Castro on charges of killing the Brothers to the Rescue pilots.

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