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The Virtual Tour of Cuba will take you on a trip around Havana and the countryside.  On your tour, you will visit many important landmarks and you will also have a chance to go beyond the normal tourist experience by seeing how Cuban live their daily lives.

This page will help you use the Virtual Tour in case there are parts you don't understand and will enable you to maximize the value of this simulation.

The two screen shots below represent the different types of pages in the Virtual Tour.  The first is the daily events page, the other relates to a specific activity.  Once you read the explanations of each of the images below, you will be able to easily use this tour.


The links on top in the center help navigate between the days.  You can go to the next or previous day in the trip.  If you need help (this page) or want to exit, those options are also available.  Choosing "Quit" will take you to the home page of this site.

The body of the page contains descriptions of each event.  You can click on the underlined name of the event to go to its page.

Day 1 Page

Photos illustrate each event.

At the bottom of each page is a copyright agreement.


The navigation bar on top of the page lets you go back and forth between events during the current day.  You can return to the day's page, from where you can move on to the next day.  You can also quit or get help.

You can click on the photos (which have descriptions below them) to see an enlarged version.

Event 1 Page

A paragraph describes each event.

At the bottom of each page is a copyright agreement.

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