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This site contains a large amount of information about Cuba, so we took special care in designing it to make it easily navigable.  We structured the site to facilitate various types of viewing - from casual browsing and perusal to in-depth topic research. 

To prevent the site from becoming a jumbled mess of information, we split The Cuban Experience into a number of different sections, each of which contains information pertaining to a certain broad topic.  These are called section pages, and have titles such as, "About This Site" (the section you're in now), "Places", or "People".  For example, the home page of the people section is pictured at right.

The home pages of each section are laid out in a consistent manner.  At the top, there's a banner with an image motif and the title of the section. (1) 

In the right third of the page, there's a band of color running vertically down the page.  This band of color contains many important links which are useful in navigating the site.  The first item in this band is the text, "The Cuban Experience."  Clicking on this will return you to the site home page.  Below this, there is a list of the different sections found in the site. (2)

Below this, there is a list of links to topics within this section (3)  These links allow you to explore more specific topics within the section.
For example, specific topics found within the people section would be, Early Cuban Revolutionaries, Cuban Governors, 1959 Revolutionaries, Spaniards.  Basically, these topic pages allow more detailed exploration of the section which they belong to. From topic pages, you can reach detailed and specific articles.

Article and topic pages (pictured at right, second image down) have a different layout from section main pages.

Near the article title (2) near the top of the page, there is a row of four clickable items (1)The first item, labeled "Help," brings you to the Help page.  The second item, labeled "Province Page" (sometimes labeled "Topic Page") brings you to the more specific topic group to which the article belongs (e.g. cities in Camaguey province, or Cuban Governors).  The next item to the right, labeled "Section Page", brings you to the section's main page (e.g. Places or People).  Lastly, the "Home" item brings you to The Cuban Experience home page.

In the column left of the article's text, there is are two groups of items.  The top (3), in this section labeled "Other Places", contains links to other topics within this section.  The next group, (4), contains links to the other sections within this site.

We hope that this consistent system of organization found throughout the site will make this site's information more accessible and useful to you.

If you still have questions, feel free to post them to the Feedback discussion board, or email us directly.



Above: Screen shot of the People section's home page..


Above: Screen shot of the article on Camaguey, found in the Places section.